Azerbaijan is one of the most ancient sites of humankind. The humankind was present here at every stage of their historical development. There were living settlements in Azerbaijan even at the earliest stages of humankind. Azerbaijan made its own contribution into the establishment of the current culture and civilization, progress and dialectics.

Baku is the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is a large scientific, cultural and industrial center. Ancient foundations, a large area and population all make Baku one of the oldest and largest cities in the East.

First travels to Azerbaijan were related with trade, religious, political and comprehension purposes. Motions of trade caravans passing through the territory of ancient Azerbaijan can be considered as first travels. Yet in ancient times Azerbaijan was known as a country of an important stop on the Great Silk Road. According to ancient authors the most active routes of the Great Silk Road passed through territory of Caucasian Albania (ancient state located in the territory of the preset Republic of Azerbaijan). According to Strabo, the great majority of Indian goods passed through the territory of Central Asian to Gurgan (Caspian) Sea and then through the sea to Albania and on Kir (Kura) River to Iberia (Eastern Georgia), then the Pont Evksinski (Black Sea). The important role of cities located on the route of Silk Road was noted. Tabriz, Maraga, Ardabil, Ganja, Nakhchivan, Ordubad, Nuha (Sheki) became important centers of international trade on the route of the Silk Road in the north of Azerbaijan. Already at the beginning of the XXI century in Baku, Ganja, Nakhchivan and other regions of the country modern hotels that can accommodate foreign guests operated. More than 100 tourism companies covering all regions of the republic are engaged in accommodation of foreign tourists and servicing local population with tourist services, and 149 hotels have been officially registered. The total amount of beds in those hotels is more than 5000. Private treatment and resort centers with modern level were given for use in the regions suitable for tourism and recreation. The number of foreign tourists visited the republic passed the 1 million people.